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Bash script to create PHPStorm shortcut and symbolic link in Ububtu

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In this bash script file, the PHPSTORM_PATH variable is defined at the top of the script and is used to define the path to the PHPStorm binary ($PHPSTORM_PATH/bin/ and the path to the icon file ($PHPSTORM_PATH/bin/phpstorm.png). This makes it easy to change the path to the PHPStorm installation directory by simply changing the value of the PHPSTORM_PATH variable.

Just copy and paste the content to a new text file with an extension “.sh”. Make it executable

Dont forget to change the “/path/to/phpstorm” at line 4 with your onw path


# Define the path to the PHPStorm binary

# Define the path to the desktop file directory

# Define the PHPStorm binary

# Define the path to the icon file

# Create the symbolic link
sudo ln -s $PHPSTORM_BIN /usr/local/bin/phpstorm

# Create the desktop file
echo "[Desktop Entry]
Comment=PHP IDE
Categories=Development;" > $DESKTOP_DIR/phpstorm.desktop

# Set the permissions for the desktop file
chmod +x $DESKTOP_DIR/phpstorm.desktop

echo "Done."

Note: Please check the quotes when you paste the script so the content is imported correctly.

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