GitLab for newbies, like me – Permission denied (publickey)

If you just created your GitLab account, there is a big chance that you miss the part with adding some…

Tricks List for Daily work with MySQL (5.7) for Web Developers / Ubuntu

This list will be updated periodically. Every time I feel that something will be useful and make my life easier…

Some of Best Online sources to learn WEB Development

When it comes to web programming I like to read and learn from these sites and I highly recommend them:…

website: Body Art Kally

website: Body Art Kally - aerobic club Wordpress site with custom theme

Facebook cover for Event

Facebook cover. Poster adapted for the purpose


Website: artgim.bg made with Wordpress CMS custom sliders

Artistic nail design

CMS: GetSimple url: Artistic nail design

Vertigo advertizing – 2007

Web design: 2007 Vertigo advertizing pure html/css

atm electronics

Web design: 2002 pure html

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