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Tips and tricks for Junior PHP Web Developers

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(last updated 04 Oct 2020)

Here ill shares some simple tips and tricks that I’ve learned as a Junior PHP Web Developer. And the list will be updated.

First of all – everyone learns in their own way. Find yours. By watching videos, reading, or doing tutorials. Check my list with favorite learning sources and links for PHP Web Developers.

Important – Don’t forget to use your favorite OS and Software/Stack. I chose for web development environment Linux Kubuntu/LAMP and most shares will be related to them. Some are easy to reimplement in Windows or Mac.

1. Learn and Use the Console/Terminal for daily work

2. Few simple tricks when working with MySQL

3. Tricks learned for JavaScript

  • how to trim the px from a string if you need to calculate HTML widths or heights
    parseInt('200px'); // results 200

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