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PHP: Alternative syntax for control structures to use when embedding PHP within HTML

In PHP, you can utilize the alternative syntax for control structures, which is especially useful when embedding PHP within HTML. Here’s a quick rundown:

if Statement:

<?php if ($condition): ?>
    <!-- Your HTML here -->
<?php endif; ?>

2. if-else Statement:

<?php if ($condition): ?>
    <!-- HTML for if the condition is true -->
<?php else: ?>
    <!-- HTML for if the condition is false -->
<?php endif; ?>

3. if-elseif-else Statement:

<?php if ($condition1): ?>
    <!-- HTML for if condition1 is true -->
<?php elseif ($condition2): ?>
    <!-- HTML for if condition2 is true -->
<?php else: ?>
    <!-- HTML for if none of the conditions are true -->
<?php endif; ?>

4. foreach Loop:

<?php foreach ($array as $item): ?>
    <!-- HTML using $item -->
<?php endforeach; ?>

5. for Loop:

<?php for ($i = 0; $i < $count; $i++): ?>
    <!-- HTML using $i -->
<?php endfor; ?>

6. while Loop:

<?php while ($condition): ?>
    <!-- Your HTML here -->
<?php endwhile; ?>

These short versions are very useful when mixing PHP with HTML as they make the code cleaner and easier to read. You can embed any HTML content within these structures. Just ensure that you maintain the proper opening and closing of PHP tags (<?php ... ?>) around the control structures.

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